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Light Weight cements rely on microspheres to produce lightweight  slurries with excellent strength characteristics. Tuned Light cement can yield strengths equal to or better than cements of equal density made by any other lightweight technique.

Advantages of Tuned Light cement can include:

    Low density. Tuned Light slurries offer a versatile range of potential densities, enabling operators to maximize returns and reduce the need for remedial top-up jobs.

    Thixotropic. Tuned Light slurries are thixotropic by nature, which is beneficial when cementing in areas of potential lost circulation and cement fall-back.

    Faster transition times. Tuned Light slurries can be designed for short transition times when required as gas-tight designs for wells with high gas flow potentials (GFP).

    Compressive Strength. Tuned Light slurries develop compressive strength at low densities and any temperature, and exceed the performance characteristics of conventional slurries under the same conditions

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