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Zenith lines itself with the appointed main contractor. Providing managerial management to the contract insuring the construction programme is met and the project is delivered within the specified time.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

* Plan a construction programme and prepare a construction    schedule in conjunction with the Project deliverable.

* Review contract drawings and specifications and ensure that the    building is built in accordance with these documents.

* Ensure that the contract drawings are the same as the tender set    of drawings.

* Changes received from the professional team to be clarified if a    Variation and priced accordingly.

* Checking subcontractor quotations to ensure that they are    complete and reasonable.

* Ensure the final account is paid in full for the contract price    including all Variation Orders.

* Monitor material and labour costs and ensure accurate quality    reporting is being conducted.

* Conduct sub-contractors meetings, bi-weekly or monthly as    needed.

* Coordinate, manage and communicate with all subcontractors

* Ensure that the project is in a positive cash flow position and    prepare Project Manager Reports Instil a positive working    relationship with the Owner and Architect to ensure repeat    business.

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