UCO SolidWall Building System is  an

 Agrément Certified Alternative Building Technology (ABT)

consisting of UCO Flexabord, fixed onto SANS 517 designed assembled and erected Lightweight Steel Frame (LSF)

and the core in filled with a lightweight concrete mix.

UCO Solid Wall System consists of:

The Green Building Index (GBI) is a green rating tool developed specifically for the tropical  climate of Malaysia. At the same time, it addresses current social needs, infrastructure and economic development context with the objective of promoting developers and building owners to design and construct sustainable buildings.

UCO Solid Wall System contributes to GBI as well and is accessed based on the following criteria:

NRNC – Non-Residential New Construction

NREB – Non-Residential Existing Building

INC – Industrial New Construction

IEB – Industrial Existing Building

RNC – Residential New Construction

Products Futures

• Fire rating up to 4 hours, based on BS 476: Part 22 requirements

• Good sound insulation – STC value of 46dB for 104mm thick walls

• Good thermal insulation – R value of 0.169m2 K/W for 104mm thick walls

• Strong anchorage capacity: conforms to BS 5234: Part 2 requirements

• Light weight – density of 750-850 kg/m³ (3 times lighter compared to brick walls)

• Durable – immune to permanent water damage & impervious to high humidity/moisture.

Does not warp, crack or split easily

• Impact resistant – scuff-resistant, offering superior impact and abrasion resistance

• Provides fast track construction

• Gives cleaner and safer construction site

• Low VOC and formaldehyde

step6.jpg step1.jpg

Fix top metal track to structural support and bottom metal track onto the floor, thereafter light gauge metal stud frame is installed.

STEP 1 step5.jpg

Lightweight infill mixing can take place in designated areas.

STEP 5 step2.jpg


fixed to one side of the metal frame.


The lightweight infill mix is pumped to each floor to fill the wall cavity.

STEP 6 step3.jpg

Door and window frames, plumbing & electrical services can be easily installed where required.

STEP 3 step7.jpg

Joint setting is done using the UCO Jointing Compound.

STEP 7 step4.jpg

Wall panelling is completed by fixing UCO VISTABORD / UCO FLEXABORD to the other side of the metal frame.

STEP 4 step8.jpg

When completed, UCO SOLIDWALL can accept a wide range of finishes.

STEP 8 Foundation Design Steel Structure UCO Flexabord Light Weight Concrete Finished Product Foundation Light Steel Structure UCO Flexaboard Light Weight Cement Finished Product
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